About Us

Our Vision:
To create a means by which people can look and feel their best.

Our Mission:
To provide our customers with unparalleled quality and satisfaction as we pursue our commitment to restoring and delivering garments and household items to conditions beyond customer expectations.

Guiding values & beliefs:
Fazio Cleaners began as an act of consensus in 1947 around the Fazio family dinner table. Today we remain committed to the basic values upon which our company was founded. These guiding values and beliefs were then, and are now, a commitment to success based upon hard work, ethical decision making, moral behavior, and respect for the individuals with whom we interact.

Fazio cleaners is dedicated and committed to promoting a healthy and clean environment.

We give back:
Fazio Cleaners proudly contributes to the communities we serve.

Be a part of the Fazio Cleaners Family:
To be considered for employment, submit this application.

Corporate Offices
22025 Ventura Blvd #202
Woodland Hills CA 91364
Phone (818) 776-2870
Fax (818) 776-2875

If you would like to send us some comments or feedback, please email our Customer Service Department at sales@faziocleaners.com or call 1-800-207-4666.