Premium Care

For pieces that are more expensive, delicate, have sentimental value or are considered “investment pieces” Fazio Cleaners offers Premium Care Service; a custom process that our garment specialists perform to ensure these special pieces are kept in pristine condition. Each piece is cleaned, finished, and either packaged ready-to-wear or boxed and stored. Upon request, we can remove buttons prior to the cleaning process and reattachment after cleaning.

In addition, we inspect and correct loose buttons that need reinforcement, loose threads, snags, offer minor mending, repair and de-linting. Premium Care garments are finished with boutique hangers, expertly packaged with high-grade tissue and bagged separately to alleviate wrinkling during travel.

Leather, Suede and Fur:
Leather, suede, & fur garments require special handling. Fur items are extremely luxurious and it is necessary to protect these investment pieces. Leather and suede pieces may contain hidden imperfections that can weaken the skin and cause discoloration after cleaning.

At Fazio Cleaners, we specialize in successfully cleaning all types of fur, leather and suede. Your piece will be returned to you in perfect condition with no warping, discoloration or stretching.